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The Necessity Of The Partner Program!

Let's face the facts. In today's extremely competitive marketplace managing an

agency or marketing organization is becoming more difficult than ever. You must

manage Ad resources, agents, company relationships, broker relationships, technology

and CMS regulations. You typically have to do it alone. Long hours and the stress that

comes from doing it on your own is not uncommon. Time and keeping all of your

plates spinning becomes your most critical factor. Further growth once you reach

this level of success becomes very difficult.

From training agents to managing resources, relationships and technology TPG has

experience in helping our agency partners maximize their opportunities to grow,

profitably. Agency building is our Forte and our abilities and experience speaks for

itself. ​This is our specialty.


Our Platinum Partner program will give you access to industry knowledge, tools & resources, custom product portfolios, duplicatable systems, alternative revenue streams and much, much, more.

There is only so much time in each of our careers. It is our most important asset. How much time are you willing to waste struggling to build on your own. Let TPG reinforce you in your business. Join us and reach your next level of success!

Successful team leader and business owne

This site is provided as a resource for independent agents. All programs, incentives, products and resources are for the use of The Platinum Group's independent distribution channel. To learn how you can join this elite group of agents and marketing professionals contact us by going to the FIND A PARTNER PAGE or by visiting the Request Info Page.

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