Recruiting With The Platinum Group

We have found that in the market place today there are many startup or multi-generation
IMO's and agencies that lack the technical sophistication, resources or man power to

fully compete with the large marketing firms. Often times these smaller organizations want

to build and increase their business but don't want to give up the reigns so to speak to the

larger organizations that can push production to them. Giving up the reigns can result in

short term gains that eventually destroy their ability to service and 

manage their relationships. 

For startup IMO's, those not having the technical sophistication, resources or man power to build let alone go to market with products that give them a niche or edge against their competition (aka the big dogs in the industry) can stifle their growth or worse drive them out of the business.

TPG is a trusted partner for many insurance marketing organizations and agencies. We work one-on-one to design a go-to-market strategy that leverages the abilities of these organizations while at the same time providing access to our technology platforms and growth strategies that can be all the difference in their success.

Our technology platform includes access to mission critical systems such as:

  • B365 Recruiting System

  • Agent Access to The Platinum Concierge System

  • Management Level Access to Platinum Concierge

  • Video Development and E-Marketing Campaigns

  • JLS Sales Academy Management

  • The Platinum Mobile App

  • TPG Quote Engine

A key component of this strategy is our B365 Recruiting System!


How does this system work? When it comes to contacting agents mailing product information is expensive and slow. However, the real problem with old fashioned mail is that you won’t know if the information was received or if it was actually read. Emailing information is far less expensive and much faster.


However, even though email campaigns are more cost efficient and can oftentimes enable you to see if an agent opened your advertisement, you still can’t tell exactly what the agent is looking for.


What if could you could though? What if you could accomplish this marketing process with a tool that maximizes your efforts by saving you time and money? A tool that allows you to know exactly what caught the attention of the agent.  Was it the product, the commissions or maybe the incentive trip? Think about the advantage you would have if you knew exactly what material was viewed, when it was viewed and what order it was viewed in. 


In addition to the tracking features our electronic agent kits enable you to incorporate video presentations that deliver the perfect message every time. The B365 recruiting platform is a turn-key solution for your recruiting needs. It is easy to use and includes all of the agent data you need to start your campaign. It is also customizable with your contact information and logo making it a perfect fit for our recruiting strategy.

This powerful suite of tools has been assessed at over $10,000 a year in value. Take your business to the next level by partnering with The Platinum Group!

This site is provided as a resource for independent agents. All programs, incentives, products and resources are for the use of The Platinum Group's independent distribution channel. To learn how you can join this elite group of agents and marketing professionals contact us by going to the FIND A PARTNER PAGE or by visiting the Request Info Page.

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